Tile & Coping


Waterline Tile

Let Premier Fiberglass update the look of your pool by changing or adding waterline tile. Whether it is a plaster or fiberglass pool, tile is an affordable way to give your pool a fresh, new look. The are many styles and designs to choose from and we can help you select what will work the best for your pool.

Tile Bead Blasting & Cleaning

Over time, waterline tile in your pool or spa can become dull or stained. Often, the culprit is calcium, a white or gray crusty deposit or haze, also known as scale.
Bead blasting uses glass bead and compressed air to blast calcium stains away. Similar to sand blasting, but much less abrasive, bead blasting is the most effective way to remove calcium.

Tile Grout

We use name brand epoxy grout for all new tile or whenever there is enough space between tiles on tile refurbishing. Unlike standard sanded grout, the epoxy grout creates a bond that won’t fail or fall out is not effected by chemicals.


Coping is the inner edge of the pool deck that hangs slightly over the water. While it is part of he pool structure, it is also considered a decorative element. Coping can be done in a variety of material.

In many instances, the coping is part of the concrete pool deck with a finished edge. If this is the case your only options if to use a polymer deck product, such as cool deck, to accent it. It is usually done in conjunction with texturing the entire deck.

Prefabricated coping stones come in a variety or fabricated materials, concrete, and stone.

If you are considering tile-work, deck or coping or are looking for ways to update your pool environment please call us to schedule a free consultation, or submit an inquiry on this website and we will schedule a free consultation at your home.